Patient Education for Young Children

Visiting the dentist’s office for the first time can be a traumatic experience for many children, but it does not have to be so. It is usually traumatic when the child comes to the clinic for the first time for an extraction. Even then, people normally overcome dental anxiety when they grow older. Teaching children about what really happens in the dentist’s office would likely help them overcome their fears better.

Extraction is usually the reason for children’s first visit to the dentist. Children’s baby teeth start falling out around the age of six. Sometimes, they need help getting the teeth out, so the loosening teeth will cause no more pain. However, the ominous atmosphere of the dentist’s office causes great distress. Children have to be informed that he is going to be anesthetized and will not feel any pain when the tooth is pulled out.

Teeth get extracted not only for a loosening baby tooth, but for tooth decay too. Also known as dental caries, tooth decay occurs when the tooth is deteriorating from rotting food particles caught between the teeth or along the gum line. This can be very painful. Depending on the extent of the condition, it may be remedied with root canal treatment rather than extraction.

A root canal is a treatment that tucson az dentists do to infected teeth without having to pull them out. Like in an extraction, the infected area is given anesthesia, so there is no pain when the tooth is drilled and the infected pulp is removed. The cavity is filled with either metal or composite resin. The filling is designed to prevent decay from occurring.

Another way to treat tooth decay is covering the teeth with crowns. These tooth caps are made of either metal or composite resin. For baby teeth, which are to fall out later, there are tucson az dentists who provide baby tooth crowns. Baby tooth crowns may be made of stainless steel or a clear material with white filling; there are steel crowns with white coating.

To prevent caries from occurring at all, tucson az dentists recommend prophylaxis to be performed at least once a year. Prophylaxis removes plaque from the teeth with air abrasion technique, using a powerful stream of aluminum oxide. This procedure can be mildly uncomfortable, but patients feel fresh and clean after this.

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