Chronic bronchitis symptoms and signs

The chronic bronchitis symptoms are a swelling or inflammation of the bronchi which is also known as the air passageways in an upper system of respiratory. It is commonly gone with by extreme production of the mucus. The chronic bronchitis disease can manifest several of different symptoms and signs, and these symptoms are often very tough to detect due to these symptoms are very similar to the other illnesses which affect the respiratory system and lungs.  Now day’s approximately one in the twenty person’s citizens of United States of America currently experiencing the bronchitis disease still concerns medical practitioners as this is often deadly. In this article you will find the some symptoms and signs of the chronic bronchitis, these are mentioned below.

Shortness of the breath

This shortness of the breath is occurs in the most persons who are suffering from the chronic bronchitis disease. The shortness of the breath is one of the most common bronchitis symptoms. And this problem may be provoked by the overworking or only gentle activity. And as this illness grows, shortness of the breath might even come from the simply walking the small distance and walking down few stairs. 


The coughing is another one of the most common bronchitis symptoms and signs. The coughing reasoned by the chronic bronchitis disease is generally first observed if an early morning. And a person might cough for many hours later than waking up. And as an illness grows and this coughing problem will last for long period of time in a day and in the rare cases this will never vanish.


The fatigue is experienced by the persons who are suffering from the disease of the chronic bronchitis. And the patients become very exhausted just after some walking and other indiscriminate times all through a day. And it is just because an amount of the oxygen in the blood is considerably less than the persons who are not suffering from the bronchitis disease.

Respiratory infections

The chronic bronchitis disease is often a reason of the respiratory diseases. This is just because the bodies of those persons who are suffering from the respiratory diseases produce the more mucus. And it makes an upper system of the respiratory warm and very damp. It can be the breeding earth of kinds for infections and this makes the infections very tough to cure when these are occurred. 

Swelling of ankles and the legs

Due to the chronic bronchitis disease can lead to the further health complications because lack of the oxygen in a blood, this may reason a skin to turn dark blue or extremities to swell in later periods of the chronic bronchitis disease. Swelling of ankles and legs is one of the chronic bronchitis symptoms and this is the indication of the congestive failure of heart, so persons who are suffering from this symptom must immediately get the assistance of the medical practitioner and the medical help immediately because this can be very dangerous.

Respiratory: Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema

Respiratory: Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema.
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